Thursday, March 17, 2011

Craving your Heart

When I say something
You’ve probably heard it before
When I crave reaching your heart
I compete with more than four
When I call, you’re never there
yet I don’t know what for


When I call you “My Life”

That is what I really mean

I think that’s what you’ve seen


I know many called you this

And that was before me

I know many didn’t meant it

and some could kill me

I know I’m not the one

and you have others than me


I blatantly speak and shout

Like a lover without a doubt

Trying to take away your pout

And let all the sorrow out


Yet you are as polite as a stranger

Careless sometimes as foreigner

You don’t ask as if you’d be an interloper


Oh dear, though I know it all

I keep attempting to stay and call

Struggling to be the best one

That you can trust and never fall

and here I give my heart as a whole


©2011 Miss Art³³


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